[amaran T4C & T2C] Overview

Overview of Amaran T2c and T4c

The amaran T2c and T4c are a compact, lightweight, and portable full-color LED light for content creators, streamers, videographers, indie filmmakers, and photographers. Featuring RGBWW LED'sbattery-operability, and intuitive mounting options, the innovative light is versatile enough for any project and is the perfect addition to your lighting kit.

What's in the Box?

Amaran T2c:


1. 1x Amaran T2c 

2. 1x  Carrying Bag 

3. 1x Adapter 

4. 1x AC Power cable 

5. 1x Battery Grip 

6. 1x 3/8 Screw 


Amaran T4c: 

T4C_Components_List1. 1x Amaran T4c (1 pc)

2. 1x Carrying Bag (1 pc)

3. 1x Adapter (1 pc)]

4. 1x AC Power cable (1 pc)

5. 1x Battery Grip (1 pc)

6. 1x ⅜ Screw (1 pc)