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[LS 600d Pro] Photometrics & Technical Specifications

Photometrics & Technical Specifications of LS 600d Pro

Operating Current 8A Power Supply 100V~240V
Power Input ≤720 W Power Output  ≤600W
CRI ≥96 TLCI ≥96
CQS ≥94 CCT 5600K±200K
Radio Frequency 2.4GHz Channels 1/2/3
Groups A/B/C/D Operating Temperature -20℃~45℃
Battery Charging (Voltage) 12-16.8V/21-29.4V Battery Charging (Amperage) 3A
Battery Requirement 14.4V-15A ≥ 180Wh
26V-8.5A ≥ 180Wh
28.8V-7.5A ≥180Wh
Cooling Method Active Cooling
Control Methods On-board, 2.4 GHz, Sidus Link (Sidus Mesh™), Art-net, Lumen Radio Wireless Operating Range (2.4 GHz) ≤100m
Wireless Operating Range (Bluetooth)  â‰¤80m Wireless Operating Range (LumenRadio)  ≤100m 
Screen type LCD (Adaptive Brightness) Weatherproofing Dust & Light Rain
Dimensions (L*W*H) Lamp Head w/o Yoke 30.8*15.61*15.01cm / 12.13*6.15*5.91in
Lamp Head w/ Yoke 30.8*25.03*45.6cm / 12.13*9.85*17.95 in
Control Box
32.41*17.9*14.28cm / 12.76*7.05*5.62 in
Control Box
(Gold Mount)
32.41*17.9*13.27cm / 12.76*7.05*5.22 in
Lightning Clamp 10.35*8.74*12.5cm / 4.07*3.44*4.92 in
Weight Lamp Head 4.64 kg / 10.23 lbs
Control Box
5.8 kg / 12.79 lbs
Control Box
(Gold Mount)
5.8k g / 12.79 lbs
Lightning Clamp 670 g / 1.48 lbs
Total w/ Case 18.2 kg / 40.12 lbs

Malfunctions caused by water in the lamp body are not covered under warranty.

When using the LS 600d Pro in a heavy rain, it is recommended to use the tilt angle range of the lamp head as shown below: 


Distance 1m 3m 5m
Bare Bulb 22150 (lux) 2600 (lux) 1020 (lux)
2058 (fc) 242 (fc) 95 (fc)
600 Series Hyper Reflector 98500 (lux) 8500 (lux) 3000 (lux)
9150 (fc) 790 (fc) 280 (fc)

This is an averaged result. The luminance of your individual unit may vary slightly from this data.