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[MC Mini] Charging Options

Charging Options of MC Mini

Type C charging

As the light is charging, the on-screen battery level indicator will animate to show the battery's status. After the battery is fully charged, the battery level indicator will be displayed as full.


  • Supports 5V/2A charging via power brick or power bank
  • Supports quick charging via USB-C PD protocol.
  • Charging is slow when the light is powered on. Turn the light off for optimal charging.
  • The on-screen battery indicator will flash when the battery level is too low.

Wireless charging

The MC is compatible with the Qi wireless charging protocol. The MC can be charged via a 5W Qi-certified wireless charger.


  • Charge the light after powering the device off for optimal charging.
  • Charging the device while the light is powered on will decrease its charging speed.