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MC Pro Troubleshooting

How do I charge the MC Pro?

Each MC Pro can be charged via its USB Type-C port or via contact chargers found at the base of the fixture. Both charging methods boasts a fast-charging time of approximately 90 minutes to full charge.

How do I control the MC Pro?

The MC Pro can be controlled using its integrated TFT screen and red control knob located on the side of the MC Pro. For more advanced controls, the MC Pro can be paired to the Sidus Link app using Bluetooth, which unlocks a variety of functions such as Sidus Pro FX, Music FX, and Picker FX. For more professional connectivity, the MC Pro can be controlled wirelessly using CRMX or via wired DMX over the Aputure Active USB Type-C to 5-Pin DMX In & Out Adapter (sold separately).

What lighting modes does the MC Pro have?

The MC Pro offers a variety of lighting modes including CCT, HSI, xy, RGB, Source, FX, and Custom FX.

Is the MC Pro waterproof?

The MC Pro is IP65 rated, with a 6 rating indicating full protection against dust and a 5 rating representing its water resistance capabilities. It is able to withstand low pressure water jets from any direction. This makes the MC Pro a waterproof fixture that can be deployed confidently in wet, dusty, and other higher risk filming environments.

What accessories come with the MC Pro? Can you stack multiple modifiers on top of each other?

Each MC Pro comes with a Dome Diffuser, Flat Diffuser, 30º Light Control Grid, Cold Show Ball Head, 1⁄4-20in Screw to Magnetic Plate Adapter, USB-Type C Charging Cable, 4 Adhesive Magnetic Plates, and a Carrying Case. The beauty of the new MC Pro magnetic modifier ecosystem is that the modifiers can be stacked. Users can stack the Dome Diffuser on top of a Flat Diffuser should they need even softer lighting, or a 30º Light Control Grid on top of a Flat Diffuser if users need spill-control in addition to a soft light source out of the MC Pro.