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[MC Pro] Wireless DMX Control (CRMX)

MC Pro Wireless DMX Control (CRMX)

CRMX Settings

Rotate and press the Function Control Knob to select CRMX Settings in DMX Settings Menu.

CRMX Status: When CRMX Status is Enabled/ON, it will continuously search for a linkable signal in the background to connect.

Unpair: Unpair will disconnect the currently established connection so that a different transmitter can be paired.

Screen Shot 2023-07-12 at 3.25.44 PM

DMX Address Screen or DMX Settings Screen must be visible for Hard Line DMX or CRMX data to have affect on the fixture.

For more info, please see Wireless DMX Control (CRMX).

If BT Settings (Sidus Link Mesh BT) is enabled ("ON"), then CRMX is disabled ("OFF") automatically.  If CRMX is enabled ("ON"), the BT Settings (Sidus Mesh BT) are disabled ("OFF") automatically.  

NOTE:  The MC Pro does not show an animation while linking to a new Tx.